Recruiters of Exceptional SaaS Sales Talent, so Sales Leaders can Sleep at Night.

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Working with a recruiting agency shouldn’t be so difficult, right?


Too many unqualified candidates.


Not enough candidates to make a confident decision.


Candidates who know nothing about your company or position.


No guidance from your recruiter on factors (e.g., competitive compensation) that will ensure a successful hire.


We understand that selecting from thousands of vendors seems overwhelming when searching for the right partner to help you build a high-performance, SaaS Sales team.

We know your career success depends on access to quality talent fast. We can help. As a strategic partner, we’ve filled interview schedules with Sales talent in days (not weeks or months), and coached clients on creating a candidate experience that will attract the talent you want on your team.

We act as if we are solely responsible for filling your open positions (even if you are working with other staffing vendors).

Let us lose sleep building a pipeline of successful, on-target SaaS Account Executives and Sales Leaders who want to work for you and your Company.

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Let us simplify the craziness for you like we did for these companies.


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No Risk Plan for Working with Switch Recruiting


Legal Stuff

Sign a placement agreement with Switch Recruiting.  We can provide our agreement or happy to use yours. There is no risk since we work on contingency meaning we are only paid if we fill your positions.


Schedule a Call

Schedule a 20-minute intake call to share details that go beyond the job description.  We employ a structured approach to ensure we are able to produce results fast.


Submitting Talent

We strive to submit candidates who have been carefully vetted for your specific position in the first week.  All candidates are submitted with a writeup and justification why we feel they should be considered.

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With an emphasis on direct sales positions, we cover positions that drive customer acquisition, upsell and cross-sell for SaaS companies.



  • Account Executive

  • Sales Leadership (Manager to CRO)

  • Sales Development (SDR/BDR)

  • Channel Sales

  • Account Management

  • Customer Success

  • Sales Engineering

  • Sales Operations & Automation


  • Demand & Lead Generation

  • Content Marketing

  • Marketing Leadership (Director to CMO)

  • Channel Marketing

  • Sales Enablement

  • Product Marketing

  • Data Science/Marketing Analytics

  • SEO

  • Digital Acquisition Marketing (PPC, Paid Social)

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Mark Israel
CEO & Chief Talent Partner

I’m a lifelong networker and connector with a finger firmly on the pulse of Tech companies. I follow the Software Industry and SaaS Companies with the fanaticism that sports fans reserve for drafting their fantasy sports team.

With a Master’s degree in HR Management and a “Ph.D” in Headhunting, I’ve been fortunate to have a 360-degree view of recruiting and candidate experience as a Recruiting Leader with companies like Barnes & Noble.com, Experian and Bloomberg, and as a 3rd party recruiter leading Switch Recruiting.

15K+ 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn. I welcome conversations with Sales and Marketing Leaders who are looking for market intelligence and career guidance.

I’m supported by my “home team” which includes my wife, Ilyssa, six-year-old, Mason, and our “other children,” Lola Bear (Mini Schnauzer) and Chloe (Dachshund).

📫  misrael@switchrecruit.com
📞  (646) 655-0311