How much do your services cost?

Full-time, Permanent Staffing:

We work on a contingency search model for full-time, permanent hires (FTE).  This model is a pay-for-performance model which eliminates all risk for our clients.  We are only paid if you hire a candidate we present. Our typical fee (i.e., placement fee) is 20% of the employee’s first-year base salary.   

If the employee we place terminates for any reason other than layoff, reorganization or company sale within 90 calendar days from his/her start date, we will replace the employee at no additional charge.  

In situations where you need to grow your team with multiple hires in the same type of position (e.g., building an Inside Sales team), we can modify our fee structure to make it more economical for you.

Temporary and Temporary-To-Permanent Staffing:

We can provide Temporary (e.g., contract, freelance) employees in our areas of specialization (i.e., Sales, Marketing and Technology).  If you wish to hire a temporary employee, the placement fee will be reduced based on the amount of time you’ve engaged the temporary employee.  The fee is waived if you employ the temporary worker for eight months or more.

What can I expect if I engage your services?

Accountability:   You may be using multiple resources to generate candidates including referrals, job postings and other staffing agency vendors.  We will still act as if we are solely responsible for filling your open positions. This means we will update you multiple times per week and have a goal of 3-5 strong candidates submitted in the first seven business days.

Guidance:  Our goal is to help you build the largest possible candidate pool so you can select the best talent.  Here are other areas where we can help:

  • Ensuring your job is priced competitively

  • Writing compelling job descriptions and profiles

  • Creating a positive candidate experience

  • Ensuring your requirements create a large enough candidate population

  • Structuring the interview & evaluation process

  • Organizational structure - ensuring the job is at the right level

  • Providing feedback about your employment brand in the market and managing your Glassdoor reviews

  • Company and position title targeting

Respect for Time:  

We realize that one of the reasons you engage a recruiting firm is to save time.  We also want to ensure that each candidate we represent for your open position(s) has a positive experience with both of our companies regardless of the outcome.  With this in mind, you can expect the following from Switch Recruiting:

  • A write-up with each submitted resume that details why we feel the candidate is appropriate based on the job description and our discussion

  • The candidate’s current job search activity (i.e., other interviews)

  • Any areas of concern with the candidate and potential fit with your company or position

  • Reasons for leaving prior employers

  • Facilitation and communication of the interview, offer or rejection process

  • Acting as point-of-contact for candidates in the interview process

  • Candidate pipeline reporting to help keep the search organized

Do you focus on a particular industry, geographical area/region or company size?

We are industry agnostic.  Although we prefer to focus on the functional areas of Sales, Marketing and Technology across industries, we do attract a number of Tech clients.  We work on searches across the U.S. We’ve been a go-to agency well for Startups and SMBs, although we have worked just as well with divisions of larger organizations.

How do we get started?

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