Tech Startups and SMBs don’t have resources to launch broad recruitment campaigns to find the best talent to fill their open positions quickly and inexpensively.


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Switch Digital Search is your Recruiting as a Service (RaaS) partner employing a structured approach to delivering top talent fast.  


What is Recruiting as a Service?

RaaS is a pay as you go or fee for service model compared with the traditional (contingency) staffing model which is pay for placement.

Under the RaaS model, you pay an hourly bill rate for the time spent working on your open positions.  The model is ideally suited for Tech Startups and SMBs who need the dedication of experienced recruiters, but don’t want the expense of hiring a full-time, in house recruiter or paying placement fees of 20-25% of each hire’s base salary.

Historically, our average “placement fee equivalent” when considering the total billable hours divided by the base compensation of all hires is approximately seven percent (7%).


Advantages of Recruiting as a Service



Hire a recruiting team for significantly less than the cost of hiring an in house recruiter or paying a traditional staffing agency for a single hire. We consistently deliver hires for approximately 7% of a candidate’s first year base salary, a third of what a traditional staffing agency charges.



We’re not newbies. All Switch Talent Partners have at least six years of recruiting experience. We employ the best competitive intelligence, sourcing and recruiting tools and proven candidate messaging to attract and vet talented prospects for your positions.



We are focused on filling YOUR positions. The traditional staffing firm only receives a fee if a candidate is placed. You may stop seeing candidates if your search becomes too challenging or you pass on too many candidates. At Switch, we continue to develop candidates especially when the search is challenging. You can expect honest and direct feedback from us. This includes practical advice to ensure your employment brand, position requirements and compensation are competitive in the market.



Start with as few as one position. Many of our ongoing clients did just that because unlike other managed staffing models, there is no minimum commitment. Add or change positions in response to business demands. Stop a search at any time and you are only charged for the time worked. It’s never a problem.



"Tech" Startup Defined

Although we have worked with clients in other industry verticals, our typical client falls into one of the following categories:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Information Services
  • Technical Solutions (Web/Mobile Development)
  • Media, AdTech, Ad Agencies
  • eCommerce

Positions We Fill

We’re quick studies. We’ve filled many positions outside our areas of specialization, but we’ve developed significant networks and expertise placing candidates in the following areas:

  • Sales & Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Customer Success & Account Management

We’ve also had success in the following areas: Software Engineering, Product Management, Project Management, UX & UI Design, Data Science, Retail, eCommerce, Finance & HR.


In the traditional staffing agency, the person who learns about your organization and positions may not be the same person who speaks with candidates you interview.


In our model, this person is one and the same.  

The Switch Talent Partner(s) on the initial call will be the ones speaking to candidates about your positions and Company.  

Our RaaS method allows us to become an extension of your Company and employment brand. This is a critical component of building credibility with your candidates.



Our Approach



Whether it’s a search for one position or a recruiting effort for 50, all engagements begin with a simple proposal that includes a project plan.


Project Plan

This is the heart of every search. Each project plan includes a timetable, cost estimate and defined method of providing feedback and status updates.



An Account Director oversees every search to ensure it’s on track for completion. The Account Director is responsible for making recommendations such as scaling resources or modifications to the position requirements to ensure timely completion of the project.

How We Partner


Although we specialize in helping Tech Startups and SMBs, we’ve had success helping larger organizations with large-scale hiring initiatives of up to 30 new hires. Here are some ways we can partner with you based on the size of your company.


1-50 employees  

No internal recruiting resources.  Most hires from referrals, networking or expensive traditional staffing agencies.  You have no spare resources to conduct broad search campaigns for the best talent to fill open positions. We partner as an experienced “plug and play” recruitment team managing the full recruiting lifecycle.

50-200 employees  

May or may not have some in house recruiting resources with challenging positions going to expensive traditional staffing agencies. We partner where you need us most. Individual, hard-to-fill positions, a large hiring effort or your outsourced recruitment team for a particular skills (e.g., Sales). We have the flexibility to be a part of your overall recruitment strategy.

200+ employees  

In house recruitment function is established. We partner on special projects such as building a Sales team or a variety of different positions we can address faster than a contract recruiter and when it doesn’t make financial sense to increase the size of your in house recruiting team.



I want to see how this works. Can I start with one or two positions?

No problem. Many of our ongoing client relationships began with one or two positions.

How long will it take to fill each open position?

This depends on a number of factors including the size of the labor market that meets your requirements, the position level (i.e., individual contributor, VP) and market competition for the skills you require.

What if we identify more than one candidate we want to hire during a search for one position?

By all means, hire that candidate! There is no additional charge. You only pay for the amount of time spent working on the search for one position.

How will you keep me updated?

Pipeline reports, emails or weekly calls. We will determine a communication strategy that works for you.

Can you help with writing job descriptions and job pricing?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s rare that we don’t offer guidance or assistance with these items.

Isn’t your model Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Sort of. We call it an RPO-like model.  We like to think of it as a more flexible and affordable RPO. The difference is we don’t provide an on-premise recruiter and have no minimum commitment. We’ll work on as few as one position.

What if I want to stop the search?

You can stop at anytime without notice. You are only billed for the time Switch spends on the search.



How accurate is the cost estimate in your proposal?

Our estimate is based on prior experience searching for similar positions. We do everything we can to keep the total cost as close to the estimate as possible. We typically find our estimate to have a variance of +/- 15%, at most.

How do you bill for your services?

Every Switch team member (Talent Partner) has a hourly bill rate for their time base on his/her experience. The bill rate also accounts for our significant investment in sourcing and recruiting tools. Our billing cycle is semi-monthly resulting in invoices on or about the 1st and 16th of every month during the engagement.

What can I expect to pay by the time we make a hire?

As a rule of thumb, you can expect the total billable amount upon hire will be approximately 7% of the candidate’s base salary.

Why an hourly billable model and not contingency search (i.e., pay for placement)?

We’ve found that Tech Startups and SMBs have unique needs when compared to established businesses. They are more cost conscious and require additional flexibility to change position requirements to adapt to business demands.  Since contingency search is based on 100% commission, the model doesn’t adapt well to changing position requirements.  

Simply put, if you don’t hire a contingency agency’s first set of candidates, they may move on to work with other clients who will. The Switch Recruiting as a Service model (RaaS) avoids this issue. We will work with you to ensure your requirements and compensation are available and competitive in the labor market.  Also, we will continue to work on the search until the position is filled.

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Leadership Team


Mark Israel

CEO & Chief Talent Partner

Andrew Morton

Director of Recruiting

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